How I love you Ovos Moles…

My friend and colleague recently returned from Protugal, where she brought back these tasty little treats as gifts. They look innocuous and strange, like chalky hard candies with a too yellow center that could only be artificially dyed. However, when you bite into these little shells, you don’t experience chalky or hard textures. The surprise is a soft custard like inside surrounded by a wafer like thin and barely detectable outside. The middle is made out of egg yolks and sugar, and is truly the star of this delectable dish. I don’t know how difficult it is to make, but every pastry shop around should carry these! They satisfy the sweet sugary taste we all crave in desserts once in a while, without suffering from the overbearing richness that chocolate sometimes conveys. I recommend if anyone goes to Portugal or Brazil, give them a try!  Absolutely delicious.



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