Don’t get Too Comfortable

I have lived in Boston less than a year, and I have already settled down into an established routine that includes the same places, same people, same ideas for entertainment, work, and beyond. As a few good friends came to visit Boston, I was very excited to give them a tour of the city, my favorite places and local haunts. But seeing as I had to work, I gave them a city map and told them to have at it, I would meet them after work for dinner and drinks. Well have at it they did, and I was very impressed how many sites they had already seen by the time I arrived, which included a few I have never visited myself.

I started to realize that I have gotten so comfortable already that I’ve forgotten how many awesome things the city has to offer that I haven’t taken advantage of! Sure, it’s good to have a routine, but it’s also good to keep discovering, even after you might think the time has passed. I am originally from Santa Cruz, CA, where I lived for over 20 years, and there are still sights and activities there I have never seen or done. When I first arrived in Boston, I toured it, saw the most visited places, did all the “things to do.” For some reason, I felt that after a certain amount of time had passed, it was no longer acceptable to do those “touristy” things. I decided that while I live in this city, where there is always something exciting going on, I should let go of the state of mind that being a local means you can’t see or do new things anymore. Honestly, there are so many tourists in Boston that it is easy to blend in, so there will be none of that social awkwardness when you walk into someplace and have absolutely no idea what is there or what to do when you’re there.

So I say, it doesn’t matter if you have lived someplace for two years or twenty! Get out and do new things because as they say, the time is now!


One thought on “Don’t get Too Comfortable

  1. Ummm…I think you’re a mind reader, because I have been thinking exactly the same thing recently about DC and Los Angeles. I fallen so much into a routine and there’s places in both cities that I haven’t explored because I don’t want to seem touristy.



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