Becoming a Fashionable Lunchgoer at Work

I used to be one of those lazy people (and to some extent I still am) who could never muster up the energy to make a homemade lunch for work; I would always rationalize by thinking the extra money to buy something for lunch was worth the hassle of preparing something.  But now, I’ve turned making lunch into a morning (or nightly) ritual, and actually look forward to eating something yummy come noontime. But taking lunch in a brown plastic bag everyday is boring, and makes it a tedious task after a few straight weeks. That is why I have decided to get a lunch “box,” and for those of you who know I’m a Vera Bradley nut, it only comes down to the color. Her “Let’s Do Lunch” bags are perfect for my needs, and the opportunity to get one has presented itself next weekend, June 13th, at the opening of the first Vera Bradley Outlet store in Wrentham, MA, a short drive from me. The traffic will probably be horrific, and the lines long, but I’m excited anyway!

Don’t want to spend money on a lunchbox but still want some exciting accessories? I found these cute Lunchskins, which are reusable bags for sandwich and snacks. At first, it sounded like a strange idea, to put my sandwich in anything other than a plastic baggie. Then I remembered all the times I had thrown out little baggies after using them once when they only had a few crumbs or some water from my carrot sticks. I felt wasteful, but the alternative was washing the plastic bags themselves, which quickly made them wrinkled and appear unsanitary. Plus, who can resist these cute prints? I’m never buying plastic bags again!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to make my daily lunch more interesting this way, and maybe even get more inspired to make interesting sandwiches and snacks! Anyone know of any other cute lunch items?


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