Busing It

Staring at the word “Blaupunkt” across the miniature TV screens throughout this double decker tour like bus could be reminiscent of some exotic European getaway. But we aren’t out viewing the gorgeous hills of Tuscany or the rocky crags of England, instead we caught a Megabus from Boston to New York. As if fancying itself on par with the expensive flights out of Logan, we were greeted by an “in-bus” safety video, complete with demonstrations of how to open the safety hatches in case of an emergency. Not only that, but the bus boasted outlets at every seat, reclining seats, and free Wifi. When considering that a one way ticket is less than fifteen bucks, the nice interior and in-ride restroom seem like a steal, and if you’re lucky, it is. What do I mean by lucky? When the buses aren’t plauged by heavy traffic, inclement weather, or construction woes, the four and a half hour ride just might actually take that long. For us, when we inexperienced travelers (by bus, anyway) arrived on time to the depot, we discovered a two hour wait just to depart, then traffic and construction which seemed to magically materialize, despite the late hour. On top of it all, the depot was flooded with last minute travelers whose flights had been cancelled because of threats of thunder storms, so the lines were long and the weather hot and humid. With the rain pouring outside and the temperature inside an oppressive eighty something, we were all grateful to board the better late than never bus. All of us in our our shirt sleeves now had to sit through hours and hours of blasting air conditioner making us shiver in our seats. Moral of the story? Megabus is awesomely cheap, but far from perfect, so be ready for anything. I will definitely pack a sweater next time, even if it is 90 degrees outside. And unlike the airlines it attempts to mimmic, this bus has no in ride refreshments, both a blessing and a curse. I guess I should have taken the hint from the tirade of fast food chains peppering the entrances and exits. And while I still don’t know what “Blaupunkt” is, if I ever reach New York I will consider this an eventful experience well worth the price.



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