Sweater Time! Oh wait, in the middle of summer…?

It’s been a while since I’ve knit anything, and I was sick of the usual scarves, hats, and bags. I wanted ideas for new projects, but I knew I couldn’t do anything too hard. Recently I got a subscription to a knitting magazine, to get those creative juices flowing. Most of the patterns are pretty difficult, and a sweater is really the” last thing I expected to start up after my knitting “dry spell.” However, after reading the pattern of this sweater, I thought it was pretty straight forward, and I took an ambitious dive in. I found the pattern in the Summer issue of Interweave Knits, and I was pleasantly surprised with the results. Right now it’s still lacking buttons, and for some reason I can’t find a store around here that sells a good variety of buttons. I’m determined to find some, however, and then it will be finished just in time for fall. And while it took my maybe a month to finish and makes me look like I’m wearing shoulder pads, I’m proud of it and I’d make it again!

There’s only one problem: with the supply of specialty yarn stores surprisingly thin for a big city, my choices were Michael’s and A.C. Moore. I found what I thought was a soft, cheap wool blend, and even made of sustainable bamboo. Well, turned out it’s made for felting, which means if I wash this thing in hot water combined with agitation (such as my washer) it will turn into a small ball of thick felt. I guess I’ll just have to wash it in cold water and air dry…next time I’m reading the label more carefully. There’s always next time!


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