That Summer Heat: I swear it won’t kill me!

It’s hard to tell the difference between dewy and sweaty at this time of year, especially when your summer climate specializes in humidity. I have definitely complained enough about the heat lately, so I’ve decided to outline a few things I use to keep myself more or less comfortable at a time where I have to go to work, home, play when I’d rather just lay around in the heat like a slug. I have also taken hints and tricks from co-workers and Boston natives who walk around looking just as gorgeous and put together as always, as if they are walking inside a bubble with it’s very own air conditioner. To avoid the “I’m MELT-INGGG!!!” cry for help, I stick to these tricks and products.

1. When it’s hot all night and even 90 degrees at 8am, it’s hard to avoid sweating your eyes out when arriving at work to the wonder of air conditioning (hopefully). If you sweat bullets that early on, you’ll smell all day until it’s time to do it again on the way home. What I have learned from co-workers: Carry a cute oversize summery bag that contains a change of clothes that is more professional, while you step out to go to work in shorts and a tank. Change once you’ve entered the building and can take a few minutes to cool down. To that effect, it’s handy to have some travel wipes or body clothes that wipe the sweat and stick away and are also disposable: I like DHC’s Body Cleansing Sheets. 2. Along those same lines, it’s also difficult to keep makeup on your face when the heat is just dripping it off. Nasty, I know. By accident I stumbled on what I think to be the best eye primer out there when it comes to keeping the shadow on those greasy lids, even by the end of work in a hot hot climate. That would be Touch Base for Eyes by Clinique, and while I have perhaps the greasiest eyelids imaginable, this matte primer is the perfect color for my skin and even when used alone it works wonders. After having such success with this product, I experimented with their Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector as a foundation primer, and I find that it ties effectiveness with DHC’s Velvet Skin Coat. Both of these I prefer to use under foundation in lieu of moisturizer when it’s this hot, since my skin is no longer dry in the humidity. The primer also doubles to keep my foundation in place when the sweat inevitably takes over.

3. So forget just keeping it together, what about looking gorgeous? Every girl wants to look effortlessly sun-kissed this time of year, with minimal effort. The big three to achieve this: mascara, lip gloss, and blush. There’s plenty of those in stores to choose from, that’s for sure, but I find a few that work best in the “effortless” and “sun-kissed” department.   For Mascara, I like Sephora Brand Lash Plumper: It gives great volume and color without the clumps or the spider leg effect. Best of all, it also comes in waterproof. Along the lines of blush, I am currently in love with Benefit’s Perfect 10. It’s both pinky and bronzy (half and half) so it’s possible to use one at a time or both together. When used together, you get the perfect coral bronze color that screams summer, but isn’t so brown or orange you look like you had an accident with the self tanner. But when it comes to lips, it’s easy for the heat to turn your pouters into a plumpy sticky mess. Especially if you’ve got a boyfriend who doesn’t like kissing off the stickiness, (unless it’s flavored!) how to get color without the slippery slide? I like using a lip stain, but it’s easy to go overboard. I have only tried Cover Girl’s Outlast Lipstain, but I know Revlon also has one called Bitten. Sounds like something you should wear to the latest Twilight movie (they even have one named Twilight), but it has the added plus of a lip balm on one end.

3. Ok, enough about what to put on, how about taking it all off? When you’re using waterproof stuff, some water and a shower just won’t do it. But a lot of makeup removers, even if they are oil free, leave a residue on your skin that feels anything but clean. So if oil-free won’t cut it, what about oil based? Sounds like the last thing I’d want on my skin, which is already notoriously oily. Surprisingly, I love love love DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil, which is both a makeup remover and, as the name implies, a cleanser. Sometimes you need some oil to fight the oil, and it sure works wonders, leaving my skin luxuriously soft and clean. While is amazing for my face, sometimes all I want to take off is my eye makeup. For that I move to DHC’s Virgin Oil Swabs. These swabs are individually packaged for great travel convenience, but it is also possible to use only half of one Q-tip, to fix minor makeup malfunctions such as the occasional mascara run in hot weather. I’m sure you’re detecting the trend, that I love DHC! If you want to check it out just go to their website an order a free catalog, it will come with free samples! Not only that but every order will also come with 4 free samples of your choosing, which can include practically anything in the catalog you want to try but don’t want buy in case you hate it.

Happy Hunting!


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