Hottest New Trend: the SNOOD. Wait, the what…?

It’s winter now and there is one trend never goes out of style, the scarf. While there are countless variations, colors, shapes, and sizes, one thing never changes: that you wear it around your neck. Any fabric made to encircle your neck for warmth is and should be called a scarf, but it seems like the someone is trying to change that.

You’ve probably seen them, it’s the latest variation of scarf that is trying to make a fashion statement: one with no ends, usually called a loop or tube scarf. You wrap it around a few times to the desired length or tightness, I knitted one myself just a few days ago, inspired by a girl at work. Since then I have seen them popping up in stores all over, such as H&M, American Eagle Outfitters, J.Crew, and others. They are practical, cute, and sparking controversy in, strangely enough, the English Premier Soccer League.

Yes, I’m talking about soccer- this season players in all the high profile teams are seeking to make fashion statements by donning a sporty version of the popular loop scarf during games, especially ones in chilly English weather. But can you really have an English trend without calling it something strange? This particular soccer scarf is referred to as a “snood,” but if you Google this without adding the word “soccer” to the search, you will come up empty. It’s not a surprise that this reference isn’t catching on, and there is even an implication circling around England that snoods are not for manly men, which can hardly help their popularity. Even though this trend was started by a man (the very one, pictured), it’s becoming such a big deal (why…?) that some coaches are going so far as to ban their players from wearing them. Really? You’re upset by something called a SNOOD? After all, it’s only meant for warmth since the players are forced to run around in shorts and freezing cold temperatures; shouldn’t this trend be seen as a practical necessity? Most people think the fight is stupid, and players, both snood wearers and anti-snooders were asked their opinions on the matter. It seems this is the best they came up with:

Ex-Leeds United hardman Norman Hunter, 67: “We used to rub Algipan oil all over. That kept us warm.” –In NBC Sports News

Um…okay then. I guess that’s one option. So I suppose the Snood isn’t going to take over the world yet…



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