Choosing Carefully

I’ve been saying it for a while now: I’m joining an online community that will collectively wear only six items of clothing for a month. While I officially start this experiment on January 10th, the process has already begun, and I’m faced with the dilemma of what to choose as the six items I will wear for the entire month. I have only to follow these basic guidelines:

  • The experiment is simple: each participant gets to choose six (and only six) items of clothing and pledge to wear only these six items of clothing for a month. They’ll track their experiences and feelings here at
  • Logistically, there are exceptions that don’t count towards the six: undergarments, swim wear, work-out clothes, work uniforms, outer wear (rain slicker, outdoor jacket), shoes and accessories. You can get multiples of the same item for laundry purposes, but different colors count as separate items.

As part of the site, I have a user profile that will allow people to follow what I write here,where I will talk about my trials and tribulations. However, I will post all my blogs here so you don’t have to go to the site to see them. I’m pretty sure I have to blog once a week, so maybe this will help me get into the habit of blogging more often! People from around the country have already begun posting, and I’m a bit intimidated because I have no clue what I want to wear. Obviously accessories go a long way, but aside from changing my scarf or basic pair of earrings, I don’t really accessorize enough to change the look of an entire outfit. I have already decided that two pairs of blue jeans will be part of my six, and I’d like to choose one cardigan or sweater thing. That leaves three shirts to wear for a month…and I seriously don’t know if I like any of my shirts enough to wear them to death. From reading about other Sixer’s choices, most are picking colors like white, black, or gray which will go largely unnoticed so other people won’t catch on that it’s the same shirt as before. It makes sense for me to choose one black shirt, for example, but I have never thought I looked nice in black. Add that to the fact I don’t presently own a black shirt and well, we have a problem. I have always been in love with color, and in a wardrobe I always thought colorful clothing helped one express their personality, while black and gray were simply boring. How do I remain incognito about re-wearing the same pieces of clothing (after washing, of course) without losing a piece of who I am? Color in clothes has always been a part of me, and I feel like I’ll be losing that unless I choose select colorful pieces. Maybe I should buy one black shirt? Hopefully it won’t be painfully obvious then that I have only a few shirts in my wardrobe. Luckily, jeans look all the same so it will be less noticeable…I’ll have to compensate with the accessories!

Not surprisingly, I have also considered ways to bend the rules. Some Sixers have already decided to consider their tank tops (by re-naming them camisoles) underwear, and therefore not part of the six items to allow layering. I think this is ingenious. Could I call my sweater outerwear and thus wear as many sweaters as I please?  I certainly have enough of them, and if I wore a sweater over my shirt it would for sure look like I was changing outfits quite frequently. Food for thought….

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2 thoughts on “Choosing Carefully

  1. I’m the complete opposite of you clothing-personality-wise because I love my black, white, and gray pieces to death. White is a pretty innocuous color; maybe buy a white blouse? At any rate, I’m a big fan of wearing tank tops with a sweater over it. Good luck with this challenge!


  2. I think that one of the biggest factors is weather. In a cold climate, a tank top is not something you’d be wearing alone outdoors and therefore cold be considered more like a camisole than tank top however once summer hints then it would be a tank top again. Sweaters could be seen as similar, in winter they are worn frequently however in summer, a sweater would be used more as outerwear due to the heat of the season. Therefore, I think you can get away with tank tops as camisoles in winter but sweaters are not yet outerwear until it starts to warm up, but that’s just how I look at it.



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