Picked my Six Items

Today I washed all my dirty clothes to closely examine my entire wardrobe as a whole. First, I divided things into the main categories I was sure I wanted to include in my six items: shirts, cardigans/sweaters, and pants. Then I set aside my absolute favorite items in each category, things I find myself reaching for and preferentially wearing naturally whenever they are clean. I realized a few very interesting things during this process. I seem to have some staples which despite a hole or two, I can’t seem to part with and I still always wear. I broke out the needle and thread to repair the holes in my beloveds, feeling slightly pathetic for wearing out one shirt when I have a closet full. The second observation I made was that my head contains a mental tally of every item of clothing I own, even if some of those items no longer exist. I found I wanted to include a specific shirt in my six, a simple gray V-neck. Because I’m a fan of V-neck shirts and buy them in many colors, I could not find that particular shirt even after tearing my closet and then my boyfriend’s closet apart, and started wondering if I had simply fantasized about buying it and never actually did. That does not bode well, and definitely indicates I may buy too many clothes. I think I buy clothes on a whim so often, it’s hard to remember if I actually bought that one shirt I thought about buying. After sitting deep in thought for several minutes, I concluded that I did in fact buy that shirt (by mentally identifying other items I had purchased that day) and it is simply missing. This happens to me fairly often. I all of a sudden want to wear a specific thing and then I can find hide nor hair of it. Do I really have so many clothes I can’t keep track of them all? Where do they mysteriously disappear to? I am actually looking forward to putting less thought into what I wear by having fewer choices for my outfits. Maybe I’ll spend less time in the mornings getting dressed!

Okay, back to my six items. Looking at the things I have chosen, I can’t help but surprise myself by the evolution of my fashion sense over the past few years. Throughout high school and college my favorite color was blue, mirrored in my wardrobe which contained hardly any other colors.  It was almost part of my personality to always wear blue. But when considering my six items, I see no blue at all. There is purple, pink, and green, but no teal or turquoise as per the usual.  I also used to be a walking American Eagle Ad. Now I see a more diversified collection of nicer labels, mostly  sale picks at nicer stores than cheaper more frequent buys. I also see my choosy picks lasting longer, and my overall image more sophisticated. I think I’ll be satisfied with my items, a mixture of casual and dressy, depending on the accessories. All are comfortable, which is the important thing. However, I am secretly considering one extra cardigan, for seven items, just because I am so cold at work I can never wear only a t-shirt all day. I have decided that I will try as long as possible not to wear this last item, but I seriously think seven items or less is better than my whole wardrobe. We’ll see how I fare for the first week…


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