One Week of Six Items

Tomorrow is Friday, and I’ve been wearing only six things all week. Here we have the six things I will live in for the rest of the month, and surprisingly, I’m not sick of them yet. Unfortunately though, my chosen wardrobe does not afford some of the more convenient ways to pull a switch up, such as reversible pants or a limitless dress like other “Sixers”. I must wear at least three of these pieces at a time, because work is too cold not to wear a full time cardigan of some sort. That severely cuts down on my combinations, but I’ve been getting lots of support from friends, co-workers, and family.  I was playing around with the idea of keeping the “experiment” a secret, but I was frankly embarrassed and worried that someone would notice I was wearing the same two shirts for a month. And while a lot of previous “Sixers” report that they even close friends didn’t notice what they were doing, they were admittedly wearing black, black, and more black. I think most black shirts are hard to distinguish, so it’s easy to understand.

And while I’m doing my best to stick to my six, my co-workers constantly try to persuade me to give in to the “seven is nearly six” or “eight is so much better then a closet full” philosophy. If that’s so true, how did the creators choose six items? Will I give in to the urge to wear one more thing? To stay resolute I have developed strategies for coping such as deciding to save my six items for work days or going out on weekends, and when I’m stuck in my house I wear only pajamas (blizzard day) or workout clothes (gym or cleaning). Since those aren’t part of the rules, I think I can escape weekends in these clothes while washing my six. Also, I thought the clothing restriction would make me more overstated with accessories but that hasn’t happened. I still want to wear those sentimental favorites the most and I don’t think this experiment will change my style-only hopefully, my spending habits.


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