Snowy Day Poem

Today in lab meeting I got a little lost, and began looking out the window at the snow and composing an alliterative poem corresponding to all 26 letters of the alphabet…well almost. It went something like this:

After an aching arch of

billowy blizzards blow a

casual cake comes

down, daring dads to

enter. Ever extracting the ectoplasm of

flowing flurries further.

Gathering grossly

higher, hefty. Huge.

Interested in interacting,

just jaunting joyfully,


lamenting lost love.

Motionless by morning,

not nearly

operating overtime-

preparing people to

quell quietly

restrictions regulating

society. Snow is stress by snowflake.

Today, tomorrow, to

understand undoing:

violent victory vying for a

white wipeout. Weather


Yearning for Yesterday…

Ze End.


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