A Smile: The best accessory

Today was a good day for the Six Items challenge. I have to admit that unlike many other Sixers, I made my friends and co-workers aware of my month long journey, self conscious that they might notice and secretly wonder what that weird girl was doing. Today one of my co-workers approached me and actually said she had learned something just by watching me day to day and my wardrobe choices. She expressed a skepticism at believing that six things could be versatile enough for day to day wear, you must need at least seven or eight at least she said. But watching me she decided accessories count for a lot, and personality plays a big role in how much people judge you by your clothes. A smile was my biggest accessory, and directed people more at my visage then my wardrobe. I was shocked, but flattered. I had previously never considered my peppiness or facial expressions to play any role in my outfits, but mood may be the best thing that we “wear” all day long. Attitude and outlook on life are so much more important, and this challenge has really made me realize that how I act has a much larger impact in any social situation on first impressions than what I may be wearing. I predicted this experiment to change my perspective on clothes, consumerism, and accessorizing, but I never expected to change my views on the way I present myself (mood-wise) to others. In the future I will definitely lend more credence to my actions, and how my mood affects those around me, for better or worse.


2 thoughts on “A Smile: The best accessory


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