And it’s Done.

As the end of today draws closer, I can say that I have completed a full month of wearing only six items of clothing. At first, this challenge was something like kicking a drug addiction (I would imagine) where I was having withdrawal symptoms from clothes I wanted to wear and money I wanted to spend on said clothes. Now, however, having seen that it’s possible to wear limited numbers of clothing with minimal backlash from those viewing my wardrobe, I don’t think a full closet is the answer. I have decided to undertake a closet shakedown, eliminating (ie, donating) all those items I do not feel comfortable in and don’t like wearing regularly. With limited space for clothes, limited time for laundry, and limited money to buy new things, I feel better about having a smaller more selective wardrobe. It’s time to give up those things I never wear and say goodbye to overstuffed drawers!

My only confession is breaking off my six things for one day to dress up for the Symphony on my boyfriend’s birthday. Excusable right? Some dressing up clothes are necessary once in a while, and definitely fun! I think wearing the same clothes all the time made dressing up even more enjoyable. But on a similar note, I have begun to appreciate dressing down to a greater degree also. On weekends I would go out in workout pants and a sweatshirt, and I was so much more comfortable. Workout clothes are so much comfier and more versatile than I gave them credit for, and I never wore them unless I was working out. This challenge began as exercise in saving money and has become about self-image and confidence, as I realize it’s not about the clothes I wear it’s how I feel in them! And while I have reigned in my spending habits, I now know that the guilt of the money spent on clothes actually came from the fact that a lot of those clothes cost money but I never wore them. No more! I will think more carefully about what I buy and buy more carefully. And now that my other clothes are no longer off limits I feel overwhelmed. I’m sure it will pass but hopefully my conviction to having less stuff will not! We’ll see how long it lasts…



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