Never got the Legwarmers thing…

Until now! Today was the first seriously chilly day (okay, so it was only 48 degrees this morning) but after such a hot summer I think I’m ready for fall and winter. Now that I’m living a seasonal life with real hot and real cold, knits are a must in winter and I’m ready! I went on a knitting binge in fact, and in a month or so broke out the knitting needles, stocked up on the yarn, and got going. What did I make? Everything! Except the Legwarmers (coming soon) which I did not think I would ever need and now have the strange urge to wear. Now let’s be clear. Knitting for me is a hobby which I’ve never quite taken the time to graduate from medium to hard, so sweaters are usually out of my league unless they’re pretty easy (as in a previous post). I like the small things because they give more or less instant gratification also, when I try big things I usually take shortcuts and then the pattern never looks like the picture. So my favorite patterns are those that are small, quick, easy, but not too boring because I’ve definitely knitted my fair share of hats and scarves.

So here’s a scarf with a twist: literally! Termed a Mobius, (it can be twisted or not), and I got this one from the Interweave Knits magazine, intrigued by the dropped stitches, which make the pattern unique. Starting as a straight cabled scarf which looks the same in front as it does in back, you knit until it’s long enough to wrap around your shoulders then drop the stitches in between each cable to make it look more interesting. I thought this was clever, and you can add some buttons to make the whole thing wrap-able. I started experimenting with different ways to wear it with buttons (I chose the toggle ones you can kind of see at my shoulder) and while one can never quite wear it like the model does in those glossy pages, I’m positive I’ll at least be cozy this winter.

But what winter ensemble would be complete without a hat? Although this hat isn’t made go with my scarf-y thing,  in a different color it could I suppose. From the same magazine I also took a hat pattern, unique because it’s knitted in two directions.  There is a horizontal ribbed band with buttons, then a vertical portion to cover your head. I probably should have chosen a thicker yarn for more warmth, but it’s still good for below average temperatures like those springing up about now.

Since cowls were the knitting obsession of last year I could never quite get right on my own, I looked to the site Ravelry for inspiration and a free pattern. I chose a purple self-striping bulky yarn to get the most for my money and in less than a skein knit a lovely cowl. I’m almost chomping at the bit for winter. (Of course I say that now…)

Basically during fall I can get away with wearing hats, scarves, cowls and the like without a second glance. There are some knitted accessories however that are reserved for snowy outings, and consequently I have never personally donned. One I have already mentioned: legwarmers. The other is an earwarmer, or at least I think that’s what those cold weather headbands are called, so this year I thought I would give one a try. I like the cabled look, so I tried a  pattern for a woven cable. Making it wider around the ears is what I believe differentiates the “earwarmer” from the “headband” even though I’m sure they are pretty much the same. I was a little bored with the look alone, so I tried adding some little crochet flowers and I think it makes it cuter. We’ll see if I ever actually wear this thing! Learning how to do the flowers was fun though, something I may do a lot in the future. I’m still working on the legwarmers which I’m not too excited about because they are basically just fat tubes, but last winter I definitely needed some filler in that calf area where the boots fail to reach and the coat doesn’t fall. I haven’t made mittens either this year, but I find when the weather reaches -10 degrees that knitted gloves actually protect those fingers less than you might think. That and when I make them the two hands never look the same. This weekend I’m definitely unpacking my winter gear and welcoming the sweaters back to my closet!One thing of note: two of the patterns (mobius and hat) while taken from the magazine I mention actually derive from two books (Knitting Wrapsody and New England Knits, respectively) that I really want to try. If you’ve checked them out let me know if they’re good!


One thought on “Never got the Legwarmers thing…

  1. Funny you say mobius, cause I heard of a band called Mobius a couple weeks ago and thought it was so funny that it actually has nothing to do with a mobius strip. At least the scarf takes its inspiration from the real thing!



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