Why you should reschedule Valentine’s Day

Okay, V-Day was over a week ago, so why am I still thinking about it? As a young city couple on a student budget who are also saving for a wedding, the idea paying through the roof for a rose bouquet is not a welcome thought. I love chocolate, but does it really have to be twice as expensive a few times a year? Valentine’s Day comes too soon after Christmas when I’ve still got no money left, it’s also the week after my fiance’s birthday which I’ve already racked my brains to plan. Especially this year, all the hearts and pink things just put me in an obstinate “I refuse to indulge your manufactured holiday” mood.

That being said, I do like the idea of Valentine’s Day as a way to reconnect to the romantic side of being a couple, get adorably cheesy on purpose, and eat lots of chocolate. That is why this year my fiance and I made the joint decision to reschedule our Valentine’s Day for a time that worked best for us. We can enjoy the convenience of doing ours on a weekend where we don’t have to rush to dinner after work, have the luxury of sleeping in and cooking whatever we want, and the added perk of 75% off all things pink, flowery, and chocolate.

And while our Valentine’s Day may not be what someone else might choose to do with their loved one, a tailor made day enjoying simply being a young couple in love still sounds better to me than crowded dinner reservations.

Our couple’s day out:

Start with piping hot coffee and delicious homemade Strawberry Oatmeal Banana Pancakes modified from this delicious recipeImageAfter that, it’s gadget shopping fun and thrift store trawling together, lunch at a cheap new Falafel place we’ve been meaning to try in Davis Square earning rave reviews and to finish off the day we’ll see Silver Linings Playbook at the cutest theater ever, hopefully the perfect bit of comedy and romance. Lastly, since we’ve set up a nice crock pot soup to cook while we’re out, we’ll come home to a delicious dinner and watch the snow fall outside. Now that’s what we call a nice day out.



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