Nespresso espresso: a coffee addict’s instant fix

This weekend I took a break from worrying about my qualifying exam and everything else grad school related,  and took some time to enjoy the wonderful birthday gifts my amazing friends and family showered me with. The first is the Samsung Tab2, which I’m trying to poxt from right now. It’s the best of both worlds between a computer and an iPad: I dont feel as limited in my capabilities using just apps, and the android operating system is more intuitive than other tablet interfaces. Ive quickly become quite fond of widgets, which have the convenience of the live tikes of Windows 8, while integrating seamlessly with my apps.



But what I really want to brag about is my new coffee machine: a Nespresso.  I’m one of those people that likes good cofee, and living in Dunkin Donuts loving Boston is a little difficult for me. There is a sad lack of good coffee options close to lab that aren’t a decent hike, so image how ecstatic I was to find out my amazing friends had all pitched in to buy me a Nespresso machine! Opening the box for the first time confirmed my suspicions– this thing was a machine for coffee snobs who think they are too good for Keurigs. The sleek black owners manual and membership information made me feel like I was ingratiated into some exclusive coffee lovers society, patrons only. The usage instructions were modern and minimalist looking, and the machine itself was much smaller than I imagined. I found my judging the quality of the coffee to be based on the machine’s small stature, but as if to cast my doubts aside, the little guy roared to life when I started brewing hot water. The powerful noise it makes was extremely satisfying and I knew this was going to make a fantastic cup of coffee.


But because Nespresso facies themselves a little bit more snobbish then Keurig, they make sure they aren’t dealing with lazy people. The Nespresso will keep pumping out hot water after you push start for as long as you desire, so you cant simply walk away. This festure makes it more customizable but requires some judgement about the size of your mug and the strength of your desired cup. Once I was finished in the blink of an eye, it was a damn good cup, almost as good as what I could achieve with my stovetop espresso maker. Most notably, I found it lacked all of the residual burned taste that some conventional espresso makers leave, and there was no mess or cleanup to do! This classy thing even removes the pods and collects them for you in a container, so there is no cup sitting in the insert place forever getting gross.

Overall,  highly recommend this coffee maker. I can’t wait to bring it to work and have delicious coffee without braving snow, sleet, rain, or most recently wind to have my cup o’jo. Also, since I’m highly addicted to caffeine it helps avoid those debilitating headaches that will ensue without my daily dose. This will make late nights in lab so much more tolerable!



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