Wedding Contradictions

I feel as though Weddings are deeply contradictory. Here are the contradictions I wrestling with right now:

  • Marriage is supposed to be an intimate and personal moment, in front of an audience of, on average, over a hundred people.
  • It’s supposedly all about the Bride, but a union of two people.
  • Blushing Bride vs. BrideZilla
  • I buy the most expensive dress of my life, only to wear it once.
  • I shouldn’t consider anyone else’s schedule when scheduling an event that is really just for everyone else.
  • A new couple without any money is expected to shell out exorbitant amounts for their “Big Day”
  • The Bride and Groom pay lots of money to spoil their guests, and yet attending a wedding can break the bank for those same guests.
  • “the best day of your life” can easily become the most stress you’ve ever experienced (although I’m not THAT far into grad school yet…)

Right now, as I visit venues to pick a site for my wedding, I’m torn between having fun with it and taking it extremely seriously. I want to share the fun with as many people as I can and enjoy the process, but some disagree and think it should be a closely guarded secret. Being too inclusive, I’m told, can lead me to agree to things I don’t want, be swayed by other opinions unnecessarily, and become caught up in the futile cycle of trying to please everyone.

Weddings are full of contradictions…so far I’m just trying to take everything in stride. And keep things in perspective. It’s a work in progress.



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