Weekend DIY: easy embellished sweater

Embellished sweatshirts have been a trend this year, which I’ve admired from afar and briefly indulged the idea of DIY-ing myself one, inspired by many of the How-To Tutorials out there, like this one. However, I’m more of a sweater than a sweatshirt girl myself, and come Christmas I found myself with several wonderful new sweaters I couldn’t wait to wear. One of them in particular I liked a lot, but looked similar to some others already in my closet, so I was looking for ways to make it special and unique. I really like the finished product:

2014-01-04 16.57.56

I was inspired by studded shoulder details on sweaters and sweatshirts. A quick visit to the local craft store disappointingly revealed that there were no studs I could glue on, only the punch-on kind for actual leather. I ended up in the scrap-booking aisle and found some different size brads: which look like pushpins but then open up to secure themselves on paper, or I thought, perhaps my sweater? Time to experiment!

My materials included the sweater, some fabric jewelry glue (optional, I discovered), two sizes of brads, and a strip of blingy rhinestones I didn’t end up using:

2014-01-04 15.35.22

Next, I stuck the brads, pin-like, in my sweater to experiment with different shoulder patterns until I found an orientation I liked. Then I stuck them through (carefully, so they didn’t rip the threading) and opened up the backs of the brads horizontally. This is what it looks like front and back:

2014-01-11 12.49.33The best thing about using these brads is that they are completely removable, without damaging the sweater. I thought I would have to glue them on to keep them in place, but they stay great, so I didn’t even have to use the glue but I’m sure you could for a more permanent makeover. The inside looked pointy and potentially uncomfortable, but after wearing it all day I didn’t experience any poking or itching.

2014-01-11 13.04.27

I’m in love with the end product and the best part is I have only a few bucks I have extra brads for many sweater makeovers in my future. If I find other studs or beads I could easily use the craft glue I now have, and the possibilities are practically endless!


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