Getting a Fit-(ting) figure

It turns out that the Freshmen 15 in college is just a red herring- it’s graduate school where all the pounds fly on. Graduate school should be renamed carb city: for all the free pizza seminars, bagel-strewn lab meetings, and of course journal club donuts. Long story short, since joining this carb city club I have put on about ten pounds–all of which needs to come off before my first wedding dress fitting in four months time. Let the countdown begin!

My conundrum is this: yes, I COULD eat a carb-less diet, exercise, and lose it all in weeks. Other unattractive options include juice cleanses and developing a sudden distaste of chocolate. I’ve decided I will instead develop pizza blindness and eat more healthy carbohydrates: yes apparently these do exist. I’ve discovered this wonderfully chewy and indulgent oatmeal that I’ve fallen helplessly in love with, which can fully and completely satisfy my carb cravings, no pizza required.


They are steel cut oats (what all the doctors say are the best), and just look at all that protein! I’m not going gluten free, but if you are it’s even more amazing. Half a cup of this, with some fresh or dried fruit is simply the best. If I want extra energy, I add a little chia seeds. Here I used dried currents and apricots with a teaspoon of chia seeds. It came out looking like this:


3 cups water + 1 cup oatmeal+ simmer 15 minutes = 2 people having the best oatmeal ever

It has a wonderfully chewy texture which I absolutely enjoy, but if you like it softer like my fiance, you can simply cook it longer with a little more water. After this, I feel ready to tackle the day and, you guessed it, exercise! To move my exercise regimen along, I’ve committed to at least 30-45 minutes every 1-2 days, with aerobic weights and yoga. Apparently everyone has the same idea because 10lbs weights were virtually sold out everywhere during the New Year. I don’t do yoga usually, but it’s such an easy thing to do at home (since it’s -20 degrees out, and for the gym I have to go outside), so in order to motivate myself I whipped up a cute crocheted bag for my yoga mat, with a knit I-cord drawstring:


It’s a great craft for those who want to sit down for many hours and watch football, but feel a little too guilty to just eat and drink beer the whole game. I had some extra yarn to use up and I’m not an advanced crocheter, so during the NFL playoffs I literally sat down for two whole games and crocheted the whole thing start to finish. I paired it with Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown the other day and the result was fantastically sore muscles and an exciting new exercise regimen! Here’s to hoping I can keep it up.


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