Easy Knit Slouchy Beanie Pattern

I first fell in love with this hat when I saw it on a friend of mine: It just looked so comfy and effortlessly cool. But it wasn’t until I kept drooling over it on random passersby that I knew it was a perfect candidate for some DIY. But my memory is pretty bad, so when I found myself standing alone at the bus stop one dreary morning with, OMG, someone wearing that hat, I took an incognito picture of the back of said person’s head with (sadly?) only mild guilt. From there, I devised a pattern (not exactly the same, but whatever) using any yarn I happened to have on hand. The results are below.

2014-03-01 13.04.45

2014-01-31 08.50.33

It’s actually super comfortable and fits my head great! I think I have a rather average sized head, so one size should fit most. It’s a pretty quick knit, and I used only one skein, with a bit to spare. Happy Knitting!


1 Skein Caron SHEEP(ISH) Vickie Howell Yarn in Olive(ish)*

*alternative: any 30z/85g medium weight yarn of approximately 167yds

1 pair of size US5 (3.75mm) double pointed needles, or equivalent circular needle

2014-03-01 13.03.10


CO= cast on

PFB= purl1 into the front and back of the next stitch to increase by 1 stitch

K2tog= knit two together

Stitch Guide: Ribbed Seed Stitch

Row 1: K1 P1

Row 2: Knit

Repeat Rows 1-2


CO 88 Stitches (22 stitches on 4 dpn’s)

Rows 1-10: Rib stitch K1P1, or for 1.5inches

Next Row: *Purl1, PFB, P20, PFB, P1,* Repeat from * to end. 96 stitches on 4 needles.

Rows 12-15: Purl

Rows 16-20: K1P1

Rows 21-26: Purl

Rows 27-34: Work in Ribbed Seed Stitch for 8 rows (see stitch guide)

Rows 35-40: Purl

Repeat Rows 27- 40 3.5 more times (about 7.5inches from CO), ending with row 34.

Next Row: Knit

Knit for 4 more rows, then begin the decrease


Row 1: K2tog

Row 2: Knit

Repeat until 12 stitches remain on 4 needles, break yarn and draw through remaining stitches, tie off

Because this was retroactively devised from the finished product, apologies for any inconsistencies, let me know if there’s questions!


45 thoughts on “Easy Knit Slouchy Beanie Pattern

  1. Hi! I love this pattern! I’ve had such a hard time finding an easy slouchy beanie pattern that isn’t meant for people who crochet! I have one question that requires verification. I got to row 11 and discovered that if I followed the pattern of P1, PFB, P20, PFB, P1 I didn’t have enough stitches to complete the row. I did some math and found that if I P18 instead of P20 I get 24 stitches on the needle. I did have 22 stitches on the needle (after freaking out that I didn’t!). Is this me messing up the pattern or is it P18?


    • Hey! So I thought that it was purl 18 and then if you increase two stitches by purling in the front and back you have 20. I see the confusion! Thanks for catching that. You’re right, it should be purl 18 until after the increase, and then it’s purl 20. I’ll be sure to correct that! It’s my first attempt at writing a pattern, thanks so much, and good luck!!


      • Sure, PFB means to purl in the front and back of the same stitch, a net increase of one extra stitch. The goal if this round is to increase the total number of stitches by 8, ending with 96 rather than the 88 that you casted on. So in row 11, you will purl the first stitch as normal but then when you purl the next stitch, instead of sliding it off the needle, you will purl into the back of the same stitch, creating an extra stitch. This will be your increase. If it’s easier, you can do any desired increase in place of the “PFB”, as long as you end up increasing by 8 stitches on row 11. This is what gives the hat a slouchy look, and less like a fitted skull cap. Hope that helps!


  2. After the repeat rows of 21-34, the next row says to knit and knit 4 more rows, then begin the decrease–in the picture, it looks like purl rows instead of knit to make another ridge, is this correct?


    • Hi Becky, thanks for pointing that out! Yes, you could do it that way. In mine I transition from the ribbed knit to a straight knit, it’s a little hard to see in the picture. However, you can add as many ridges as you want to make the hat longer, and depending on your yarn and gauge you may want to make it longer. Either way, it will turn out wonderful I’m sure!


  3. Hi Sio, oh my goodness, I recognize you from my niece, Lacey! I came across this pattern on Pinterest. Hmm, I think I’ll make this for her for Hanukkah. I’ll include the designer info on the gift tag. She will be pleasantly pleased. I look forward to knitting this pattern.


    • Hi Sio,

      What a surprise. I was looking at Pinterest for some new patterns. The hat pattern I was admiring took me to Sio Says. I instantly recognized the site.

      I am Lacey Maurer’s aunt. I had seen your blog before. I think when Lacey was doing her Five Things blog she had referred to your blog. I remember reading about you knitting a sweater. It is nice to see that you’ve kept up with your knitting.

      I’ll be knitting the hat for Lacey, it will have extra meaning for her now. I am working on toe up socks for her right now. It’s a surprise.

      This was such a coincidence, I had to write to you.

      Thank you for designing such a lovely hat!

      Wishing you all the best.

      Sharon Gross Lacey’s Tante’ Sharon



  4. Is the repeat correct? It seems like it should be repeat 27-40. Otherwise you would have 11 rows of purl if after row 40 you start with 21 for the repeat.


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  6. Hi! Really like the look of this hat. Is the pattern correct after the Dec. 7th comments? Would like to get started on this. Thank you….Rose


    • Hi Lauris! For straight needles, I would use 5 double pointed needles. Those or circular needles are the only ones I would recommend because I haven’t tried any others, did you have a particular set in mind?


    • Hi Nancy, you’re right, row 1 is knit two together, then row 2 is knit. You’ll repeat these two rows until only 12 stitches remain. I’m not sure why those last instructions aren’t showing up for you, I’ll try to check this out.


      • Does that mean I knit 2 tog, all the way around? Is there a place to find the corrected pattern? It is a very cute hat. Thanks for responding. Nancy



      • Yes, it means to knit two together all the way around, then the next round is all knit. Then repeat those two rows until 12 stitches remain. I will try to update this pattern for a little more clarity. Please let me know if you have any more questions!


      • I have the band done and am eager to start the rest. I’m not an experienced enough knitter to see errors in the directions; is it correct as it is written now? Thanks! Nancy



  7. Hi! This is a BEAUTIFUL hat! Am starting it tomorrow. I am impressed by how patient you are with all of the comments and how thorough you are with all of your replies…. makes me feel safe to give it a shot, because you were so kind with everybody 😉


    • Hi Suzanne! Thanks, that’s really kind of you to say. Good luck with the hat! Hopefully it works for you but if you have any questions please let me know. I love mine and wear it almost everyday now that the weather is snowy 🙂


  8. i’m using a smaller weight yarn (4 ply) and i think that casting on 88 would be too small for my head :^(
    how much cast ons do you think i should add?
    thanks in advance!


  9. Pattern says to repeat rows 27-40, 3.5 more times….when I do I end up with more purl ridges than shown in picture and will need more yarn. Please advise if pattern or pic is correct.


    • Hi Liz, If you follow the pattern and do more ridges, the beanie will be a little slouchier. The number of times you repeat those roles is fairly optional, and definitely if you’ll run out of yarn, then just follow the number according do the picture and it should come out just fine. Thanks for pointing out the discrepancy!



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