12 Days of Meals: Eating Inspiration

As the wedding draws closer (140 days away!), I’ve been trying to make an effort to eat healthier. Unfortunately, it’s easy to fall into a boring food routine, where branching out becomes take-out. And while I’m an expert eater, I shy away from the stove unless it’s for Mac ‘n Cheese or breakfast foods like fried eggs, pancakes, and french toast. Fortunately, my fiance more than makes up for my lack of stove talent by growing his cooking skills exponentially, and I just had to share some of his creations here.

For a several weeks now, my culinarily inclined fiance tried really hard to make interesting and delicious food to tempt me away from the ever present graduate school pizza. This is seriously no joke: during the last week, I had pizza for lunch three days in a row and twice for dinner! Extremely bad for my waistline. Eating home-cooked food is always better and cheaper than ready made meals, even if the foods we choose to eat at home aren’t the most calorically restrictive. For example, one of the meals we had is a burger, which is probably the least close to diet food, but having bison meat instead of beef is much leaner and just as delicious. We drew inspiration from many different cuisines to keep it interesting, and just had fun with it. If anyone has ideas for fun and interesting recipes, please send them my way!

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

  1. Puff pastry stuffed with ground chicken, currants, and parsley
  2. Roast Chicken with Quinoa, chopped Brussels sprouts and toasted almonds
  3. Roast lamb with Bacon collard greens
  4. Tomato poached eggs with ground beef and cous cous
  5. Chicken Mole burritos
  6. Tempura battered Fish with homemade tarter sauce
2014-02-23 21.09.417. Homemade Ramen with shaved beef and enoki mushrooms
2014-02-23 21.15.248. Roasted honey mustard and bacon Brussels sprouts
9. Spicy sausage tacos with guacamole and pickled cabbage
10. Coconut lime mussels
11. Kale and chorizo Portuguese stew
2014-03-23 13.22.52
12. Homemade Bison burgers with a fried egg and homemade pickles
 2014-03-17 20.29.36-2

The challenge for this coming week is not to buy anything at the grocery store that contains added sugar. It’s going to be tough, but just the simple awareness of ingredients in the food that we are buying can help us become more conscientious eaters, on the path to healthier eating!



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