Personalized Canvas Bag with knit details

With the wedding over, I’m suddenly left with all this free weekend time on my hands! However, the project I’m posting about what one I did FOR my wedding, but I want to apply it pretty much everywhere now. The idea is simple: add a custom knit detail to any garment by knitting up a simple I-Cord on double pointed needles of any length desired, then using it to spell letters. I made initials to customize cute canvas bags I found at Micheal’s, and made one for each of my bridesmaids as gifts. 2014-05-26 18.16.17

First, I got some permanent fabric glue, a thin-gauge yarn that was actually Crochet Thread, and two double pointed needles (Size 1, 2.25mm). If you’ve never made an I-Cord, YouTube has some excellent videos. With this thread, I Cast-On 5 stitches for the best thickness/width that I liked, but this is also personal preference.

2014-05-18 16.01.122014-05-18 16.01.03

Some letters are easy to make with one I-Cord, like “M” and “S.” However, for kicks I started with a “K,” and knit two I-cords of the same length and a one half the size. Depending on how large you want your letter to be, I made mine about six inches long for a sizable letter.

2014-05-18 16.27.08 Next, all I had to do was glue it down in the shape of a “K.” Then let dry at least 24 hours.

2014-05-26 18.14.18

Bags are just one thing you can customize with knit details, I envision writing a cursive phrase on a T-shirt or sweatshirt to jazz it up, a la A Beautiful Mess’ Sequin Phrase Sweatshirt DIY. So many crafts to do!


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