Easy Reversible Unisex Beanie Pattern

With chilly January already here, it’s nice to have a couple warm hats in heavy rotation. I took a look at the ones I wear most, and I realized they are often the most simple, in muted colors that can be paired with almost anything in my closet. I am almost always in the mood to make hats, and while I have more than I can count hanging around the house, my husband had precious few he could just grab and go. That seemed like enough of an excuse for me to cook up another pattern.

2015-01-18 12.08.07

The great things about this hat are that it’s reversible, can be made in almost any color with medium to chunky yarn. It can be customized by adding a pom-pom to the top (or two!) and even made with stripes by alternating contrasting colors (of the same weight yarn) for each 6-row panel of checkerboard stitch. The possibilities are endless!


1 Skein Lion Brand Yarns Heartland in Black Canyon*

*alternative: any 5z/142g medium weight yarn of approximately 251yds

1 pair of size US 10 (6.00mm) double pointed needles, or equivalent circular needle (12 inch)

2015-01-18 11.17.42


CO= cast on

K2tog= knit two together

P2tog= purl two together

Stitch Guide: Checkerboard Stitch

Rows 1-3: K2, P2

Row 4-6: P2, K2

Repeat Rows 1-6 for pattern


CO 76 Stitches (19 stitches on 4 dpn’s) using the Long Tail Cast On method (Note: if using a circular needle, joining the ends might be tight, but it will fit).

Rows 1-5:  *K1P1,* repeat from * until end (Rib stitch). Continue for 5 rows or until work is 1 inch from CO

Next Row: Begin Checkerboard Stitch

Repeat Rows 1-6 of Checkerboard Pattern six times, or until work measures 8 inches from CO


Row 1: *K2tog, P2tog,* Repeat from * until end (38 sts remaining)

Row 2: *K1, P1,* Repeat from * to end

Row 3: *K2tog,* Repeat from * to end (19 sts remaining)

Row 4: *K2tog* K1. Repeat from * to end (10 sts remaining)

Row 5: Knit. Break yarn and draw through remaining stitches, tie off and weave in ends

I steal his hat to wear once in a while…

2015-01-18 11.24.54


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