Fuzzy Crochet Pillow Cover DIY

2015-02-15 15.14.39

With the snow making it difficult to go anywhere (even down my porch stairs) and a winter seeming like it will never end, I took a critical eye to the odds and ends of fabric and yarn I have laying around and tried to think of something to DIY.

When I was first getting interested in sewing, I was making pillow throw covers like crazy, mostly because they were square shaped and did a lot to brighten up a room. Fast forward five years (or more??) and I still have the same floral fabric covered pillows gracing my couch in severe need of a makeover.

Recently, I got a bunch of fuzzy chenille yarn that I thought would be great for some kind of fuzzy home accessory, like a pillow or throw blanket. The yarn didn’t have much stretch unfortunately, so after knitting a few rows I found it pretty difficult to work with. I decided to get out my hardly used crochet hooks and give that a go. I’m not the biggest crocheter, but I settled on crocheting a removable slip cover for one of my couch pillows.

While it soon became apparent that I didn’t have enough yarn to crochet all the way around the whole pillow, I dug up some fat quarters I had picked up ages ago at the fabric store, and it happened to be just the right size to fill in the back of the pillow. Here’s how it came out:

2015-02-08 18.50.17

As you can see, I added buttons to one edge, so the slipcover is completely removable. The black and white ikat fabric gives it some graphic boldness that stands out against the boring khaki that is our couch. A short tutorial is below.

2015-02-15 16.10.34-1

1. I began by chaining 55 loops (approximate width of my pillow) and then single crochet and double crochet rows until I had a square the approximate size of the pillow I wanted to cover. Any size hook works for this, but I used an I/9-5.5mm.

2. Next, I pinned the fabric to my crochet square, making sure my desired pillow fit inside first.

3. I sewed 3 of the 4 edges of the crochet piece to the fabric, then continued sewing along the last edge of the fabric to leave a flap that will be the opening for my pillow to fit inside and then fold over to close.

4. I found some buttons that matched the color scheme of the fabric/yarn and positioned four equally spaced along the fabric, then hand-sewed them in place.

5. Next, I single crocheted down the exposed edge of the cover, single crocheting a loop when I approached a button, so that the loops would hold the buttons in place and close the edge over the pillow i was about to put inside.

6. Finishing up, I put the pillow inside and looped all the buttons closed!

2015-02-08 18.50.44-2

I love combining fabric and knits, and I think this was a great starting project to get more comfortable with my new sewing machine. I also don’t crochet that often, so it was fun to do something different! Since the snow won’t stop coming either, I’m going to have to think of many more DIY projects to do so the cabin fever doesn’t set in.

What’s your favorite indoor activity?



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