A Pillow Cover Refresh DIY and Sweater Weather

Last night it snowed three inches, leaving this morning a bright white wonderland. This always puts me in the mood to putter around inside where it’s warm and cozy, and I love me some DIY. Lately I’ve been wanting to re-cover some pillows on my couch that when I first got them, I thought the colors were bright and fun. But the more I decorated the apartment (and especially after we recently got a new couch), the pillows just didn’t quite fit with general feel and overall theme of the room. It seemed like the perfect weekend DIY project.


There’s a small fabric store steps away from my work, and it’s hard to resist the urge to pop in for a look on my way home some nights, if it’s still open. One day I came across some upholstery fabric on sale, and I couldn’t resist. This fabric was just waiting for this project because it just happened to be a square of the perfect size. Folded in half, the fabric covered both pillows with a little extra on top, perfect for a fold over pillow cover, envelope style.

New Pillow

I just summarized what I did, so it’s not a comprehensive tutorial but you get the idea. I love the look of my new pillows, and I think they play much better with the color of the couch and the other pillows we have. The whole project took only an hour or so, and was perfect for someone like me who barely knows her way around a sewing machine. Some day I’ll figure out how to sew something other than a straight line, but not today!

Pillow on couch

Despite my sewing skills being a little less than noteworthy, I got a chance to work on another project of mine that I’ve been talking about for some time, but never got around to finishing. Well this weekend, it’s done! The sweater I’ve been knitting that I started last spring, is finally complete. It was knit in two pieces (front and back) then sewn together and the sleeves and neckline picked up and knit.  Here is how it looks on the hanger:


I love the simple striping detail, especially how it goes up into the top shoulder. Also the seam lines up the stripe pattern from the front and back pieces so they join together, giving a neat chevron look:


I highly recommend the pattern, as I said before it’s the Second Story Tee from the Spring 2015 Interweave Knits issue. I used exactly the yarn they recommended and didn’t change the patter much at all in the way of adjustments, it was very straight-forward. Shown in blue below, is the magazine picture of what it should look like, and it’s a little more fitted on me, but I like it that way.

It would have come together quicker if I knit with a little more regularity, but I really did take my time with this one. I think it was worth it though!


Looking forward to a lot more knitting, since I just bought a whole boatload of yarn just  waiting to be whipped up into some crafty things! As a preview of what’s to come…

2016-01-17 18.16.21

Yes, that’s Giant yarn!!

Happy MLK Day!


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