Chunky Knit Pillow Cover DIY

I can’t believe it, SO MUCH SNOW! To all my Washington DC and NYC friends, hope you’re warm and cozy! With winter in full force, I sure have the knitting bug. I bought more yarn than I should have in a recent Michael’s trip and on Amazon, and I’m looking for any excuse to whip up something fun. One sale item that I was absolutely ecstatic to find was Ginormous Yarn from Loops and Threads. Beyond super chunky, I bought the largest knitting needles I could find to go along with it, and bought two skeins.

pillow yarn

A project opportunity presented itself when not a hot second after re-covering my couch pillows in a DIY re-fresh, my husband complained that the upholstery fabric I used wasn’t too rough. Pillows, he said, should be exactly that- pillow-y and soft! Immediately I thought about knitting a pillow cover to go over the top, and I was attracted to the chunky knits I’ve been seeing everywhere lately.

First, I tried arm-knitting the ginormous yarn, and played around with how much I should cast-on. I guess I have fat wrists because my arm-knit was pretty loose. So instead I tried my using my fun new Size 50 (25mm) needles, and I found that I liked the chunkiness but more structured look that the needles conveyed a bit more than the slouchy arm knitted version, at least for a pillow cover. Here is the result:

pillow couch

grey pillow

Although I thought the grey color goes well with the upholstered pillows I already have on the couch, I decided to go ahead and knit another one for a second pillow. However, I’d already used 1.5 skeins of the Ginormous yarn out of the 2 skeins I purchased, so I opted to use double strands of another super bulky yarn instead. I cast on 26 stitches using Lion Brand’s Hometown USA Super Bulky yarn in “Washington Denim” for my second pillow.

This time I used a diagonal stripe pattern that transitioned to a stockinette, so that each side (shown is front and back) can be a little different depending on how I’m feeling. For the second pillow, since the yarn was not as bulky, I had to cast on slightly more stitches and used four skeins (working two at a time). I knit it in one large piece that folded over the pillow, then used the yarn to “sew” up the sides.

Together, the pillows make a handsome pair:

2016-01-23 11.55.38

pillow back

Using this chunky yarn and the giant needles, there are so many possibilities! I think I might like to go back and get more Ginormous yarn and knit a chunky blanket, but I envision that I’d need a several skeins, at least 5+ for a decent size blanket. Other options are a chunky cowl or scarf. I thought it might also be fun to make chunky pom-poms out of it to top other knit hats.

As soon these finished up, I couldn’t help but cast on my next project. Spoiler, it’s baby themed!


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