Faux-Fur Pom-Pom Beanie

2016-02-26 17.06.12

Well it’s almost spring time: the sun was beautifully shining today and the temperatures have been climbing. There’s no more snow to be seen, and although spring is my very favorite season, the end of wintertime also means less occasion for cozy knitwear.

One knit accessory I kept seeing on the subways this winter were hats with faux fur pom-poms. There were pom-poms big and small, all different colored shades of fur, and of varying degrees of fluffiness. I thought, those can’t be hard to find! I’ll just pop one on top of whatever hat I’m knitting at the moment and that will be that!

I trolled Amazon for pom-poms that also shipped Prime (this is how I screen most things I buy…) and settled on this Bernat pick in Brown Muskrat. I thought the brown would best complement the minty green yarn I was working with, but they have other fun fur colored shades I’d love to try too such as Black Mink or White Rabbit. They also have fun colors like Coral, Aubergine, or Bright Green.

2016-02-26 18.06.17

For the hat, I used Bernat Roving yarn in Low Tide, a color I have absolutely fallen in love with. It’s chunky so I used size 10 circular and double pointed needles. I made it slouchy in a seed stitch pattern that cast on without a pattern, but there are a ton of others out there like it (such as this free one or this one already on Ravelry) that I’m sure do a much better job with pattern instructions than I can.

My husband thought the pom-pom a bit large and ridiculous, but I love it and can’t wait to wear it out. It’s perfectly slouchy and fun, with just the right amount of polish.

2016-02-26 16.59.55

The pom pom is also super soft and fuzzy! If the tag didn’t explicitly say “imitation” I would have sworn it was real. It’s such an easy way to spruce up an old knit beanie, or the perfect topper to a fun new one. 


 While the forecast calls for sunny and 50 degrees this week, I’ll be ready with this fun bright beanie for any last chilly days before spring comes out swinging! 




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