Fun Seasonal Treat: Super Easy Make your own Caramel Apples!

Fall is coming our way, and this infectious season has me all excited for Halloween and Thanksgiving, all in the space of two months. With apple picking, apple bobbing, apple tasting, and apple cider the stars of the season, the apple is everywhere! I was overcome by the desire to make these treats after seeing caramel apples dressed up in every candy storefront window since September, and when I found a recipe in BUST magazine that takes less than 20 minutes start to finish, I was sold. The great thing about these apples is that there are so many ways to make them, combining tons of different candies, chocolates, or nuts to decorate the outside-which also means making them multiple times without getting tired of the same old thing. If you’re worried about the calorie count however, never fear! This recipe is the solution to the low-calorie, guilt free caramel apple treat you were craving, and not just because of the apples! It utilizes an ingredient called Brown Rice Syrup instead of the usual caramel, cutting the amount of calories by nearly 150 per serving. I had never heard of this syrup before, which has been touted as an alternative to honey, caramel, molasses and more. Now I notice Brown rice syrup in all kinds of health foods as a sweetener, such as Odwalla Bars, cereal and more. I found my jar at Whole Foods, which only came in one size but was enough to make this recipe three times at least. So one fall afternoon when I was home early with nothing to do, I decided to whip this up:

4-5 Apples of choice: I used Jazz Apples

4-5 wooden skewers

1/2 cup Brown Rice Syrup

1/2 cup Creamy Peanut Butter

1 crushed Hershey’s Symphony Bar (Toffee and Almond) or topping of choice

Parchment Paper


Combine syrup and peanut butter in a saucepan on medium heat until combined. Skewer apples and spoon mixture over the apple with a spoon, rotating as you go. Set on parchment paper, wait a few minutes to cool. Spread topping over work area, roll apple along topping. Place in fridge to cool. And Voila!



4 thoughts on “Fun Seasonal Treat: Super Easy Make your own Caramel Apples!

  1. ok so i am making caramel covered chocolate apples this year and i remembered this post. how did the brown rice syrup taste and would it be possible to make it harden and then coat with chocolate?
    I was inspired by this: which clearly isn’t healthy. However I have a bunch of apples and never did get around to making jam…


    • So you want to make caramel+chocolate covered apples? That sounds delicious. Yes, it’s possible. The trick would be to let both the caramel and the chocolate you are melting get a little cooler and slow flowing before dipping the apples. I would then cool the apple completely before coating again, otherwise the warm chocolate might re-melt the caramel you just put on.



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