The BEST girl magazine for you closet feminsts

So girls, ever want to read about anything other than clothes and guys? If not, well, the magazine BUST is not for you. It artfully combines feminist stories and news with fashion, music, books, and food. A recipe here, a craft project there, a book review. All with a fun, flirty and confident articles, some of which are written by prominent women, such as former model Molly Simms. They cover issues such as China’s one child policy, which international political figures have done the most for women related causes, or the rising male escort business in Japan. Even if you’re not one for politics, like me, it is much easier and even interesting to read about it when it’s connected to an issue us girls can all relate to: well, us girls.

They successfully incorporate fashion accessories and budding designers with up girl only bands, girl innovation and business acumen, and straight up girl power without being the butch bra burning type. I’m totally addicted, and while I still get those other magazines like Glamour and Marie Claire, this one feels more genuine and more everygirl.  I wish they were more than bimonthly!