What’s in this Blog and who am I?

You’re probably wondering, what’s “Sio Says Things” even mean, anyway? “Sio” has been my nickname since college, pronounced “Sigh-Oh”. I’m a native Santa Cruzan (California Girl) that just picked up everything, left my friends and fam, and drove across the country to Boston, MA. Now I’m trying to survive the culture shock and carve out my own niche as I embark on my next big journey: a PhD.

Me and that dude Tesla.

Since science research is my work (I’m a Genetics graduate student in Boston now), I will continually try to stay sane with various crafts, funnies, foodie experiments, issues I care about (feminism, fashion!), and science news, all of which I’ll post to this blog as often as possible.

My hobbies are many and none, that is to say I dabble in things quite frequently in phases that often come and go. I’m quite crafty, I love knitting and crocheting but I’m trying to broaden my horizons and push my boundaries creatively. This blog is my new hobby, and something to pass the time during free moments. Whatever is on my mind at the time, in somewhat chronological order will be recorded here. Any ideas for content are welcome, as are comments or encouragement.

Most recently, I planned my own wedding to my beloved fiance (now husband!)- an experience that was completely new, overwhelming, exciting, and terrifying all at the same time. I’ve been recording my experiences here with that as well, the good, the bad, and the ugly!



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